You've reached the home of some of the most beautiful Mothers Rings and Pendants in the world. We have a collection of personalized birthstone rings and custom gemstone pendants, that make the perfect gift for the mother, grandmother, sibling or father in your life. All pieces of jewelry are available in gold and sterling silver with one to six stones.

Mother's Day is Approaching!

Order by May 6, 2015 for on time delivery! Make this a memorable Mother's Day by choosing a ring or pendant that includes the birthstones of each child. We can't think of a better way to celebrate Mom! Shop our selection for the perfect gift.
Top Ten Reasons to Buy From Mother's Rings!

Mothers Rings

  • Choose from 10 different styles.
  • Rings starting at $118.43.
  • Design and customize your choice of ring.
  • Create the ring that she will cherish forever.
  • Ships in 3 business days.


Mothers Pendants

  • Choose from 4 different styles.
  • Pendants starting at $86.74.
  • Design and customize your choice of pendant.
  • Create a gift that will always be near and dear to her.
  • Ships in 3 business days.



"She loved the ring so much, she cried."
- Pat S., Mukwonago, WI

“Your customer service is a refreshing change and I will absolutely recommend MothersRings.com!"
- Todd


When you order a Mothers Ring, you want to have the confidence that you, or the person you are buying the gift for, will be satisfied with it. That's where our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee comes in. We are truly committed to making sure our customers are completely happy with their Mothers Rings.

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A popular word to describe Mothers Rings is unique. Mothers are always on the lookout for a special piece of jewelry that is as one of a kind as the children each birthstone on the piece of jewelry represents. That's why we are proud to offer 23 unique Mothers Rings designs to choose from. In our collection you will find our very own takes on traditional and modern rings, along with special designs like the alternating heart and infinity style. As you start your shopping, be sure to check out our Guide To Mothers Rings.


By their very nature, Mothers Rings are very meaningful. Each birthstone is symbolic of someone very special. This is the case even if it is a Family Ring, Sibling Ring, Father's Ring or Grandmother's Ring. When glanced at by the wearer, the gems placed in the ring settings instantly bring to mind the important people in their life. We keep this in mind as each handmade ring is customized, from the initial birthstone sorting all the way to placement in the pristine gift box.


Another popular word that our customers use to describe Mothers Rings is personalized. Something that isn't massed produced or made by machines. Something that isn't even a thought until they actually place the order. And that is how we do it. We do not start the personalized birthstone ring making process until your order is placed. Once we receive it, our jewelers get started on hand crafting your jewelry, with the metal type (gold or Sterling Silver) that you choose along with the vibrant birthstones you wish to have placed in the settings on the ring. It is this jewelry making process that ensures each and every one of the rings we sell is personalized to the exact customized options that you choose.