Mothers Rings Gold Karats Guide

When gold comes out of the ground it is yellow and relatively soft. This is your purest gold and is considered 24 karat or 24k and is very unique and valuable. However, in purest form it is very soft and pliable and is unsuitable for wedding bands, rings and other jewelry. It is also the most expensive form of gold.

In order for to make there gold more durable and long lasting, the gold is combined with other metals that are called alloys.

The most common karat in the US is 14k and contains 58.3% gold and 41.7% alloy. The alloys that are usually mixed with 14k yellow gold are silver and copper, and 14k white gold contains a mix of gold, copper, nickel and zinc. The nickel and zinc are what make the yellow gold look white. The 14k gold contains more gold than 10k and is more valuable, but it is also more expensive.

10K gold contains 41.7% gold and 58.3% alloy. The 10k yellow and white gold contain the same alloys as the 14k. The 10k has less gold than the 14k and therefore is less expensive. Due to the high alloy content, 10k gold is more durable and can handle wear and tear better than the 14k gold.

In general, 10k and 14k tell you how much gold is in the mixture and yellow gold and white gold tells you what alloys are in the gold. Hopefully this helps as you start looking at our Mothers Rings with genuine stones.

When making a gold jewelry purchase, it depends on what you prefer and what your budget is. Here at we will help you find that perfect ring or pendant that suits all your needs.