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Keep your Birthstone Jewelry Safe this Summer Season

Date July 21, 2016
Keep your Birthstone Jewelry Safe this Summer Season

Summer is here, and much like your skin and hair, your birthstone rings and pendants needs a little extra TLC during these months of sun, surf and sand. Here are some simple tips to protect your birthstone jewelry and keep it safe and clean all summer long.

When to remove jewelry

•    Before swimming. Salt water and Chlorine can eat away at precious metals and gemstones, and cold water can cause your fingers to shrink, allowing rings to slip off.

•    Before sunbathing. Direct sunlight can bleach certain materials, and sunscreen not only coats and dulls your jewelry, but it can get into crevices of chains and loosen prongs.

•    Before heavy physical activity. Your own sweat can tarnish and dull jewelry, especially sterling silver, and outdoor sports put you at greater risk for jewelry loss.

•    Before gardening. Sand, dirt and rocks can scrape or break jewelry, and garden gloves have a tendency to snag on rings and bracelets, loosening prongs and damaging clasps.

•    Before applying bug spray. Chemicals can leave a film on your jewelry and, if not cleaned right away, can erode materials over time.

How to care for your birthstone jewelry

•    Clean your jewelry. Regular cleanings with warm soapy water and a toothbrush will wash away the access body oils that build up in the hot summer months.

•    Keep it safe. When traveling, consider insuring your most prized possessions, and confirm that your room will have a safe. If not, leave your valuables at home.

•    Travel smart. Always pack your valuable jewelry in a carry-on, instead of checking it, and wrap individual pieces of jewelry in tissue so that they don’t scrape against each other or tangle.

•    Remove your jewelry before bed. Sleeping in your jewelry wears down the settings, and pieces, such as an earring back, can easily get lost in the hotel sheets.

•    Inspect your jewelry for signs of wear. Before heading outside, it’s good practice to check your jewelry for damaged clasps and loose prongs, and visit your jeweler for regular check-ups.

Here at mothersrings.com we want to make sure our customers are well aware of how to keep their precious pieces in the best condition. So enjoy your summer to the fullest while protecting your jewelry at the same time!

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