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Great Gifts For Moms – Rings And Pendants

Date October 19, 2017
Great Gifts For Moms – Rings And Pendants

We know you don’t need a reason to give someone a Mothers Ring, but in case you want one, many people find birthdays a great occasion to give one. Amongst all the sweaters and sweets she’ll open up, she’ll find a special present that will mean the world to her. And once she places it on her finger, that ring just might never come off.

stylish mothers ring

On top of that, the below holidays also present the perfect opportunity to give the mothers in your life something special:

Christmas: Hang a Mothers Ring from your Christmas tree or wrap it in some special wrapping paper for a surprise gift this year. That will surely make the holiday season one filled with joy. And it’s one Christmas gift you know she’ll love long after the snow has melted.

Mother’s Day: What means more to a mother than her children? Nothing. And that’s why sharing a ring that holds the birthstones of all her children has become one of the most popular gifts to give in May. This is the perfect gift idea for husbands who want to celebrate the first Mothers Day after the birth of their first child.

Valentine’s Day: Whether it’s her first Valentine’s Day being a mother or her fiftieth, we’re sure she loves her children as much today as she ever has. So give her a sweet gift this February 14th in the shape of a Mothers Ring with birthstones of each of her children.

ring in jewelry box

As you look over the different gift ideas we offer, keep in mind the below dates. These are the dates you need to order by to ensure that your Mothers Ring arrives in time for the big day.

Birthday: Please order 2 weeks in advance; we can always ship in 3 business days from your order, and can ship overnight.

Christmas: Order by December 18th (would require overnight shipping option to arrive before Christmas)

Mothers Day: Order by April 30th (would require overnight shipping option to arrive before Mothers Day)

Valentine’s Day: Order by February 7th (would require overnight shipping option to arrive before Valentine’s Day)

So as you look at gift ideas for mom, be sure to look at our Mothers Rings and Mothers Pendants. We are sure you will find one that the mom in your life would love to wear everyday.