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Jewelry Options For More Than Six Gemstones

Date October 19, 2017
Jewelry Options For More Than Six Gemstones

So, you love our unique Mothers Rings and Mothers Pendants designs. You love our affordable pricing options. And you love our excellent customer service…but you need more than six stones!

Mothers Ring HannahAt MothersRings.com, our goal is to provide you with an exclusive piece of jewelry that will represent the most important thing in the world to a mother…her family! All of our Mothers Rings and Mothers Pendants can hold a maximum of six stones, but if that isn’t enough, than it is time to get creative with our awe-inspiring pieces.

If the mother you are surprising with one of our gorgeous Mothers Rings or Pendants is a mother of more than six children, you can do as other customers have done in the past…purchase two rings – one for the boy children and one for the girl children! Another option is to have the girl children on a Mothers Pendant and the boy children on a Mothers Ring, or vice versa! You can also arrange the birthstones by order of birth and by which stones look nice together.

We have a few styles of rings that look beautiful stacked! Our “Natalie,” “Hannah” and “Victoria” styles can accommodate up to 12 children, grandchildren, parents, etc. when stacked one on top of the other.

Our Mothers Rings are not only meaningful, but exceptionally beautiful! Otherwise, who would want them? The beauty of the stones side-by-side in their gold or silver setting not only lets admirers know right away that it is a Mothers Ring, but its brilliant appearance will have them marveling at it. Just glancing at this ring will remind Mom of the important people in her life that love and appreciate her (Oh…and did we mention they are beautiful, too?).

Mothers Birthstone Pendant AlexandraAnother trend we are seeing now is a surge in Grandmothers Rings and Pendants. We all know modesty goes right out the window when Grandmothers brag about their grandchildren. Give Grandma a gift that will melt her heart and start a bunch of conversation! More than six grandchildren? No problem! Two of our pendants will look beautiful side-by-side on a necklace, or you can opt to place the boy grandchildren on a birthstone pendant and the girl grandchildren on a birthstone ring.

A Family ring is another variation to the Birthstone Mothers Ring or Mothers Pendant and can feature the birthstones of the mother, father, and children. Even if you are still growing your family, MothersRings.com can add gemstones as it grows! Waiting until a woman was finished having her children to purchase a Mothers Ring is an idea of the past. Why wait, when it is so easy and affordable to add birthstones?

We don’t make a Mothers Ring or Pendant until an order is placed. This means that your jewelry is hand crafted – just for you – with 14k or 10k gold or sterling silver, with the vibrant genuine or synthetic gemstones of your choosing. You have put a lot of thought into the gift of a Mothers Ring, so MothersRing.com will make it a gift she will cherish forever.

Need suggestions? Call us at 888-857-8049 or email us and let us help you create the Mothers Ring of her dreams! Already know exactly what you want? Place your order online today!