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Mothers Ring Occasions

Date October 19, 2017
Mothers Ring Occasions

ring on mother's handYou just received a beautiful Mothers Ring as a gift. You love it. You put it on and you never want to take it off. It looks perfect on your hand. Did we mention you love it?

A Mothers Ring is something that can be, and is, worn everyday by thousands of women. But that just might not be for you. You may have some other favorite jewelry that you enjoy wearing (or showing off). Maybe it’s your wedding ring or engagement ring, a special family heirloom or a ring that came from someone very special in your life. How wonderful is it to now add a new beautiful ring to your daily jewelry choices? One of the best parts of the day just got that much better.

If you have a tough time of it deciding which ring to wear, you may want to keep in mind some special days and occasions when many women make a point to wear their Mothers Ring. A few of them are:

silver mothers ring

  • Mother’s Day
  • Your anniversary
  • Your children’s birthdays
  • Days you will see the people symbolized by the brilliant gemstones
  • Family holidays
  • Valentine’s Day
  • When meeting up with friends (just another reason to talk about your children)

Many women are tempted to wear their new Mothers Ring everyday, especially for the first few months after they receive it, and that’s great. But even if you decide it isn’t an everyday piece of jewelry, you now know that there are a few occasions throughout the year when wearing your Mothers Ring will bring it extra meaning.