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Mothers Ring or Mothers Pendant?

Date October 19, 2017
Mothers Ring or Mothers Pendant?

With Mother’s jewelry really exploding over the last few years, the demand for original designs has created not only different styles of Mothers Rings, but Mothers Pendants as well…giving husbands, children, and gift-givers even more options. We are the premier online retailer for original and unique ring and pendant designs.

When deciding on either a Mothers Ring or Pendant, there are a few things to consider!

As obvious as this may sound, you must first decide on which you think Mom would prefer. While browsing through our various exclusive designs, you may love a certain ring, but does she wear rings? Does she wear necklaces? Perhaps she wears a lot of both and then choosing is not so difficult. If she doesn’t wear a necklace, perhaps you could covertly ask her why with something like, “Oh, look how pretty that woman’s necklace is!” Followed by, “You don’t like necklaces do you? I never see you wear them.” This opens up the discussion about whether she never wears them because she doesn’t have any, or she doesn’t wear them because she doesn’t like them. The same can be done with Mother’s Rings!

affordable mothers ringWith eight fingers to choose from and only one neck, a Mothers Ring may be the wiser choice if she already has a necklace she wears all the time. If she was gifted a necklace in the past; wears a cross or any other religious symbol; or dons a meaningful family heirloom, chances are she wants to continue to wear that. In this case, opt for one of our eye-catching rings!

The next thing to consider is whether your mother or wife is a woman of tradition, or enjoys the latest trends. Mothers Rings have always been the classic choice in mother’s jewelry, with the pendants becoming popular over the last few years. MothersRings.com has family rings in the traditional styles, such as our Grace and Abigail rings, as well as more contemporary styles, like our Victoria and Natalie rings. The same can be said about our striking pendants. Opt for our Olivia Style Circle Pendant for the trendier Mom, or our Sophia Heart Pendant for the traditional Mom!

14k gold pendantsThe decision to surprise your darling mother with one of our gold or silver rings and pendants should also depend on what she does with her hands all day! Is she a nurse, or spend much of her day in a garden? Then, a ring may not be the right choice for her. Does she spend her day with small children or does she clean houses or scrub floors? If this is the case, a dangly necklace may not be the right option for her. How mother spends her day should definitely impact which treasure you choose for her.

Know that after you take all of these factors into consideration and decide on either a ring or pendant, we have exclusive designs you won’t find in any mall or chain store. And we want everyone to be able to give the gift of family birthstone jewelry to the woman who keeps it all together, that’s why we offer 10k and 14k gold or sterling silver, and either quality simulated or genuine birthstones to fit any budget!

Surprise her this Mother’s Day, birthday or Christmas by foregoing on flowers and pajamas and present her with a gift that says “I love you” unlike any other – a personalized Mother’s ring or pendant from MothersRings.com! Specializing only in exclusive designs as unique as her, our birthstone jewelry will stand the test of time, and become a wonderful story and memory for years to come.

Browse our site today, email, or call us for more information on our exclusive designs and discover why MothersRings.com is the #1 online retailer of Mothers Rings and Mothers Pendants!