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Sapphire Birthstone

Date September 05, 2014
Sapphire Birthstone

The Sapphire is the birthstone for those born in September.

Beloved since the Middle Ages (clergy wore the gems to signify heaven), the sapphire is believed to protect the wearer’s loved ones from harm and envy.  The Sapphire’s cool blue color is said to mark the shift from summer to fall. If you were born in September and wear your birthstone, it’s said to help you clear your mind and protect you from ill health, envy and fraud.

The most prized colors of this gemstone are medium to medium dark blue, or even a slightly violet colored blue.

The Sapphire actually is a member of the corundum species of gems and can appear in many different colors, from pink, green, orange, yellow, or purple. Fun fact: the ruby is the red variety of corundum.