Mother Rings March Birthstone

March is the month where many people in the U.S. celebrate the wearin’ o’ the green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

If your wife/mother/daughter were born in March, they should be wearing the cool blue tones of their birthstone, the aquamarine.

This gemstone gets its name from the Latin word for water (aqua) as well as the word for sea (marina) due to its clear blue appearance. The aquamarine understandably is believed to protect sailors. It also is supposed to guarantee anyone a safe voyage.

That soothing blue color also is believed to make a hot temper cool, allowing anyone who wears the stone to stay calm.

This gem also is said to represent the color of the sky and is thought to symbolize eternal life. It’s also a representation of health, fidelity, hope, and youth.

March Birthstone

You may want to consider giving your wife an aquamarine ring for your wedding anniversary, as the gem is believed to have a soothing influence on married couples.

Ancient Romans believed those who wore this gemstone could be cured of throat, liver, jaw, and stomach ailments. Fortune tellers also used the gem as a “magic mirror” to predict someone’s future. Some historians believe Emperor Nero used the aquamarine as an eyeglass. In fact, several hundred years later, aquamarines were used in Germany to help with shortsightedness.

Aquamarine is a great color for spring as it goes well with the fashion colors of spring and summer.

Some people refer to them as the “poor man’s diamond” because of their pale blue color.

Aquamarines actually can range in tone from a pastel blue to even greenish-blue and blue-green. Larger aquamarines can have a more intense blue color, but these are rare and therefore more valuable.

Today, aquamarines usually are mined in Brazil, although they also are found in Mozambique, Pakistan, Zambia, Nigeria, and Madagascar.

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