Custom Made Siblings Rings

When Siblings Are Close: Sibling Rings

Purchase a Sibling Ring for that Special Sister!Are you and your siblings tight? Do you think the same lame jokes are still funny after 25 – or more – years?  Did you share a bedroom – and bathroom – for 16 years and so you know all about each other: there are no secrets!? Are you godparents to each other’s children, even though you’re automatically aunts or uncles? Do speak at least weekly, if not daily (and we’re talking loooonnnnggg conversations)?

Then you may need sibling rings.

Appropriate for both men and women, sibling rings are rings that contain the birthstone of each sibling. Each sibling wears the ring, showcasing his/her siblings’ birth months. A sibling ring represents the strong and unbreakable bond that many sisters and brothers feel for one another.

Sibling rings can be delicate – for women – and strong and bold for men. You can design a ring yourself and then present them to your siblings, or you can let them know their sibling ring is waiting for them and ask them to choose one of’s sibling ring designs for themselves.

Still on the fence about purchasing sibling rings, either together or to give as a gift to your brothers and sisters? Then remember this: No one will know you longer throughout your life than your siblings.  Not your spouse, not your parents, not even your best friend.

When your parents are gone, should you survive your spouse, the only people who will have known you “way back when” are your siblings. They are the keepers of family lore. They know how important it was to you when you won the first grade spelling bee; how heartbroken you were when your prom date left you – at the prom! – for someone else.

Love your brothers and sisters and keep them close.

And purchase sibling rings! If you're still not convinced, here are Ten Reasons Why Your Sister is the Perfect Recipient of a Sibling Ring.