Storing Mother Rings

Do you sleep with your rings on? Or, are you like the millions of individuals whose fingers tend to get a little puffy at night, after exercise, or if they consume too much salt? Perhaps you remove them as part of your nightly bedtime ritual as you wash your face and moisturize; or perhaps you remove them when you cook and clean. We know how precious your Mothers Ring is to you, but we also know how easy misplacing a ring can be. The horror of just missing your keepsake as it slides around the sink and down the drain can bring you to tears. Keeping your rings lying about on a countertop or table is not a good idea either, as it increases the chances for scratches or stone fracturing.

With that in mind we wanted to provide you with some convenient ideas on how to store your rings, because let's face it, we all don't have the time to place it in the box it came in every night and then remember to put it back on the next day! Read below for ideas on how to safely and conveniently store your treasured Mothers Ring.

  1. Ring Holders: Yes, we know this may sound just a little too obvious, but placing a ring holder in any room you might remove your rings – kitchen, your bathroom and bedroom, ensures that you always have a secure spot for your ring. How many times have you sworn that you set your Mothers Ring or other special ring on the counter, only to fall into full panic mode when you realize they aren't where you thought you left them? Ring holders can be purchased in just about any department or home goods store and come in all sorts of cute designs from a giraffe to a sculpted tree or pewter antlers! Just be sure to get solid, metal, heavyweight ring holders that aren't easy to push over or slide around.
  2. Ring Bowls: Another easy idea for storing your Mothers Ring when you aren't wearing it, is to have small, decorative bowls placed in each room of the house where you may remove your rings. Browse local antique and thrift shops for brass, sterling silver, or porcelain bowls with intricate prints that will also make lovely additions to your home deor. Place one on your nightstand, and your kitchen and bathroom counters as well.
  3. Keepsake Boxes: Perhaps you are not only concerned you may lose or damage your Mothers Ring or other meaningful rings, but that someone might walk away with them. If this is the case, you definitely shouldn't leave them out in plain sight! Therefore, cleverly-place, small wooden or metal boxes can serve to protect your cherished Mothers Rings and other valuables as you tend to your errands or tasks and manage to look elegant in the process. Carved boxes of teak or rhinestone-shrouded boxes can add a touch of class to your counters and bedside table.
  4. Jewelry Drawer Organizer: If you are able to devote a whole, or part of, a drawer in your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom to the security and storage of your precious jewelry, including your priceless Mothers Ring, than purchasing a jewelry organizer (similar to a silverware drawer organizer) is not a bad idea. With several compartments of varying sizes, jewelry organizers are usually velvet-lined to keep your jewelry-scratch free. Tucking your jewelry away in a drawer when it is not being used ensures it will be protected and remain right where you left it!

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