Types of Birthstone Rings

A ring with birthstones attached to it has symbolized something special for thousands of years. Whether it had to do with ones siblings, family or with ones culture, those who chose to wear a birthstone ring (and there are a number of perfect occasions to wear your new ring) always had a story as to what each beautiful stone represented to them.

So what are some of the most popular ways people are viewing birthstone rings today? Here are a few:

Family Ring

Containing birthstones for the mother, father and children. Whether a family of 1 child or 4, some parents just love to have a ring that showcases how proud they are of their family. And many make sure to get rings that will let you add more birthstones in the future. Also note that they are not just for the parents – children also enjoy wearing these rings.

Mothers Ring

One of the more traditional uses of the birthstone ring. Each stone in these rings symbolizes one of the children of the mother.

Grandmother's Rings

A new twist on the Mothers Ring, a Grandmothers Ring contains birthstones for not only her children, but her grandchildren as well. If it is a large family, she may choose to have one ring symbolizing the lineage of each of her children separately.

Sibling Rings

Since siblings tend to spend more time with each other than with parents, it's no surprise that the Sibling Ring is becoming more and more popular. These rings contain birthstones of each sibling, and are worn by the siblings. It represents the unbreaking bond that many brothers and sisters feel towards each other.

Fathers Rings

Fathers birthstone rings are our newest addition! The fathers ring has the same customization options as our mothers rings.


And the variations of a birthstone ring will continue to evolve. After all, the person who truly determines the rings meaning is the person wearing it. Learn even more about this great jewelry category with our Mothers Ring and Pendants Glossary.